Badh Chala Bihar Campaign

With an aim to outline its vision for the next ten years- Bihar @ 2025, Government of Bihar along with the Information and Public Relations Department launched “Badh Chala Bihar” Campaign on June 9, 2015 at Samvad Hall, at the CM Secretariat.

The campaign was one of the biggest ever democratic exercise. Through this unprecedented outreach initiative, 4 crore people, through more than 40000 events engaging more than 10,000 government and civil society members in a span of 8-10 weeks were reached out to collect aspirations and suggestions for developing Bihar for the next ten years. It is the government’s aspiration to establish a gold standard in involving citizens in governance through multifaceted, tailored interactions with every section of society.

Badh Chala Bihar gathered stock of Bihar’s spirited propulsion towards inclusive development over the last decade. It further built on the all-encompassing and energetic wave of development based on the inclusive module of ‘inform, educate and participate”, to chart out the futuristic vision for the state - Bihar @ 2025, through structured modules of exchange and a shared belief in the mantra, “partners in progress”.

Badh Chala Bihar created layered modules of public participation at the village, district, State, national and international levels. One of the event formats – Jan Bhagidari - was designed to reach out to citizens residing in Bihar’s 40,000 villages. Jan samparkkartas or community mobilizers for Jan Bhagidari travelled to each village in a GPS enabled truck with audio visual material to collect the aspirations of village people. Jigyasa reached out to researchers, students, academicians, professors from across the country through an online competition and gave them an opportunity to conduct field research in Bihar and document Bihar’s best practices across various domains of development. Breakfast with CM gave a platform to the fourth estate of democracy, the media, to interact with the state leadership in order to further participative agenda setting. Bihar Development Dialogues was hosted across 2 locations in the country to facilitate knowledge sharing between expert panels and audiences around the Bihar Development narrative.

The government, through this initiative, set a platform for cooperative dialogue with a diverse set of stakeholders including the policy makers, politicians, bureaucrats, corporate, academicians, intellectual trend setters, advisors and subject matter experts as well as citizens, social activists, special interest groups, civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations. Inputs, insights, needs and aspirations derived from these dialogues will be incorporated into a comprehensive vision statement for the state – Bihar @ 2025. This vision statement will incorporate a kaleidoscopic understanding of informed opinions and real world experience to handcraft a better Bihar over the next decade.