The 2015 Bihar Assembly Election has an overreaching narrative, the one which questions if you support the ongoing development of Bihar, will you vote for stability and guarantee or would you get swayed by false electoral promises yet again. The campaign for the assembly polls proactively speaks of the vision and mission of CM Nitish Kumar using different mediums. Har Ghar Dastak , is a door to door campaign that takes CM’s message and vision to every doorstep. Involving JDU supporters and karyakarta’s the campaign invokes a sense of belongingness towards CM’s idea of a Vikasit Bihar . The Bihar Mein Bahar is the official campaign song that documents CM Nitish Kumar’s achievements, aiming to touch chord with every citizen of Bihar. The jhanse mein na aayenge campaign focuses on informing the powers that be on the pride of Bihari, on not getting deceived by false promises and tall claims, of standing by the CM who has bought development to the state of Bihar.



The idea of traditional door to door campaigning was again brought into limelight when “Har Ghar Dastak” Campaign was launched as the first JD(U) campaign for the Bihar Assembly Elections.

After months of discussions with party workers, karyakartas and supporters, the idea of Har Ghar Dastak came to being – it was the first leg of many such upcoming people connect programs for the assembly elections

The interactive campaign to engage with people was formally launched by state JD(U) President Vasistha Narayan Singh at party headquarter in the capital city, Patna on July 2, 2015. The programme ran in two phases from 2 July to 11 July and from 21 July to 31 July. The idea was to reach out to roughly one crore households in over 16000 locations and have a direct conversation with the people of “Bihar” on the functioning of the state government.

More than 10,000 party works gave “dastak” at 10 homes each day to interact with citizens of the state. They asked four basic questions at each house – (1) Do they think Bihar has developed in the last 10 years (2) What benefit has accrued to them because of the overall development of the state? (3) Who do they think should be appreciated for this developmental progress and lastly (4) Do they think that Nitish Kumar should be elected as the Chief Minister of the state in Bihar polls of 2015. After learning about their opinions, stickers were pasted at each doorstep with due permission to leave a mark of reassurance of Bihar’s continued development journey in the coming years.


Initiated with the aim to optimize on the available party resources and revive the entire campaign machinery, “HarGharDastak” proved to be a phenomenal success. Since I always wanted to be closely associated with this campaign and the people of my state, I too knocked doors in Pachim Darwaza. I was overwhelmed with the love and affection showered on me. I spoke with families and asked if they were satisfied with Bihar’s development and work done by my government in the past 10 years. Most of them confirmed in affirmative. Others raised genuine concerns which my office is steadfastly looking into. The most enriching experience for me was to seek views from the citizens of this glorious state on their idea of a Vikasit Bihar. Glimpses of these suggestions can be found in my 7 point agenda. I look forward to fulfilling their demands on mission mode in the next five years and continue with the initiative of citizen participation in governance.

Jhanse mein Na Aayenge Campaign

The Jhanse me na aayenge campaign exposes and highlights the lies spread by the opposition to the electorate during their campaign. The campaign primarily focuses on hoardings, advertisements, both digital and offline that informs the electorate of the opposition’s false propaganda and implores them to use their judgement wisely when electing their state government. In addition to large hoardings, flyers have been distributed through newspaper vendors and willing rickshaw pullers are roped in to sensitise their customers about the campaign. Willing chai shops have been also provided with banners for their establishments so that their customers too may be sensitised to this cause.

The campaign has been witnessing tremendous success in reaching out to a large part of the electorate and has set the ground for the general public to take an informed decision about the parties that they wish to vote for.

Bihar Mein Bahar Song

The official campaign song of Bihar Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar

'Bihar mein bahaar ho, Nitishe Kumar ho' (Let there be prosperity in Bihar, let there be only Nitish Kumar) is the campaign song for the forthcoming Assembly elections in the state. The song showcases developments made in Bihar over the last 10 years during which Nitish Kumar was at the helm of affairs. It uses the word 'Nitishe' which in colloquial language means 'only Nitish'. It minutely chronicles Nitish Kumar’s milestone achievements. The song also asks people not to be swayed by "caste, religion and false promise," and tells them to choose a leader who is concerned about the welfare of all. Music for the song has been composed by Sneha Khanwalkar, the songwriter is Raj Shekhar. Neeti Mohan and Ghunghroo are the vocalists. The song speaks on behalf of all Biharis who want "Phir se Nitishe!"